Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Beginning

Ever dream of leaving the suburbs, starting a farm and living the country life?  We did after years of dreaming, searching and finally finding a small spot of Kansas country to claim as our own. 

A beautiful hilltop view over the valley

Front yard view

As children, Andy and I were blessed with parents who also wanted a taste of the country life, something we wanted to pass on to our own daughter, Birgitte.   But after 20 plus years of suburban living, did we remember anything from our farming childhood?  We are soon to find out!

A walk through the meadow
Enjoying the simple life

Follow us as we update a 1957 raised ranch farmhouse, build our farm, and create a new lifestyle for our family. 
This is our story, our adventure…. we hope you join us!
We wake up October 1st, 2010 on “the farm”, first order of business?  Have a party of course!  So after ten days of painting rooms, unpacking and a bit of landscape pruning, we are ready to show off the beginnings of Dragonfly Farm. 

Enjoying the party
A beautiful party Sunset

So, why has it taken me nine months to finally start to post about our life on Dragonfly Farm?  Well let me tell you, starting up a farm from scratch is no walk in the park!  Unfortunately, none of the previous farm buildings still stand except one roofless silo near the back of the property.  No fencing either.  And since winter was upon us when we moved in, woodcutting and wood fuel took on new meaning in our life.  Windows needed replacing, gardens needed planting and well, you get the idea. 

One of the few remnents from the former farmstead

A beautiful snowy scene

 Now summer solstice is upon us and the chickens have been ordered and on their way (they arrive in six days!), the chicken coop is still being built, gardens still being put in and oh my where has the time gone?  And did I mention the grass needs cutting again?

Where oh where will our little chicks sleep?

Hard work aside, I love this place, the hilltop views, amazing sunrises and sunsets, the lake less than a mile away with a small horizon view and a feeling of pioneer spirit growing inside.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Till next time,


Next Post: Chicks Arrival!

Future Posts:
 “Before & After” with paint:   I will share some of our “lipstick” redecorating  projects throughout the house….this is definitely redecorating on a budget, we get creative!
Creating my Art Studio Space:  As soon as I saw this house and its fieldstone basement with daylight windows, I already pictured the beginnings of my studio space! 


  1. I'll be watching every step of the way...SO reminds me of our farm in the'70s! Except we had all the old buildings, and I DO mean old!

    Your views are wonderful!!

  2. Congratulations on starting the blog! Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to read and see more.

  3. P.S. That the cutest chicken house in the world!